quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2009


... these moments have to be marked and before they kill qo hi5 here are excerpts from these brilliant comments made by Diana and Claudia!

Diana - 26 October 2006

"... Be for dve s tar approximate kaxtanhada i pontx ... ma fka an pixo alvoraxada ( 'Ha note here that the uproar) nxta td height kom ok ... ha p fzr kmexandu example limpezax hj d days .. (kom a pain to d uiii pex ..! loool) s would tvexe fkad in the garage! mx lipei mt, the room, the korredor, the evil mx kitchen cleaned! tb akla koisa ko fabiu m gave kd lh I asked for a cloth n dava pa + ... sinceramen DAVA N MXM! loolpoix ... ixtu ja pn talk nkela javardixe k tava a sanitah! ok ekn xegaxt the valley see! mx k d fuck dude ekn konseguir hit n toilet? aklo tava kmpletament mijadu! oki ... ixtu and javard ... mx tb n foxt tu k la paxaxt panu ko ... AIIII K NOJO! fgh ... "
Claudia - May 27, 2007
"... I spent all night with my muffin, and I have to say it was traumatic pq, epa my muffin walked little streets until the plasma shot bar, survived aqele abused 1 shot, was intact dp riding in the car cesar, given its many jaunts in the kangaroo, it high up, and not a little jumped (va, until by chance yes), dan, cou, jumped, I know it, met so many people, because I with my pride I presented to him so many people, and everyone liked him, tao qerido, dp is a boy named FABIO ROSA MARTINS, I (his latest press) invited him to ride in cars choq and said it quite explicitly "Fabio, hold my sff muffin, and careful with the candle, "he sad pos dp made to shout I could lead qn pq had already drunk, but I am responsible and so 'q qeria he held my cookie. qek OK and does it do?? DROP THE CUPCAKES DOWN THEIR AND MY CANDLE PEZINHOS CAI FOR MIDDLE OF THE ROAD Dp much effort picked up my muffin (split in half = '() And we made useless in a few turns with the car to pick up consecutively candle that was being squeezed by everyone in the middle of the track dp and much effort, he picked up the co! It was a thick sheet of pa and the cake was broken! not done! ...."
And ready ... is it. Withdraw your own conclusions! ahaha JA PARTI ME!

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Diana disse...

Caso pa perguntar, "porque..." o quêi?? ahahah q máximo! xD

Cláudia disse...

LOOL exijo direitos de autor xD está muito muito muito bom!!!